Vivien Williams
(+39) 3516563539


I’m Vivien, President of JalApulia and yoga instructor. I've been coming to Tremiti since I was 7 years old, and I now live here.
When I started practicing in 2017 I had never taken any interest in physical activity. Yoga was the perfect compendium for me, uniting mind, body, and breath – and so much more besides.
I began my yoga teacher training course with Siddhi Yoga International in 2020, mainly to take my passion for yoga to the next level. Then one day I started daydreaming with my friends Laura and Cristina about putting into practice our skills and qualifications, and a few months later JalApulia was born!
I have now furthered my expertise with certifications in Pregnancy Yoga (Postura Benessere), Fitness for the Golden Age (Non Solo Fitness); and with me you can expect a focus on Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, Restorative yoga, as well as sup yoga.
Asana (yoga poses) is but a fraction of what yoga is really all about. I also offer guided meditations and nidra, and sound baths with crystal singing bowls for chakra awakening. Pranayama lies at the basis of it all, and accompanies all practices throughout.